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iCAP™ Launches the Future of Cloud-based Storage Management

The Innodisk Cloud Administration Platform (iCAP™) delivers intuitive, large-scale storage and system management for industrial IoT applications

Taipei 2017/11/24 – Innodisk, a leading provider for the industrial storage, memory and embedded peripheral market, has launched its new cloud management platform, iCAP.

The ubiquity of IoT has led to an exponential increase in connected devices, and experts estimate that by 2020, this number will have reached a staggering 50 billion. By this time, solid state drives (SSD) will also have surpassed hard drives as the most common storage medium, as SSD technology continues to move toward lower prices and higher capacities. However, this trend will also lead to a decrease in overall SSD endurance. This, in combination with automation, means that the workload of each worker increases drastically, both in terms of maintenance and the sheer number of devices.

This is where iCAP comes in. iCAP can be swiftly deployed both through the internet and intranet, and will gather data from all connected devices. This data is then accessible through a browser-run, intuitive dashboard, allowing the user to easily monitor device status. Sophisticated analysis provides accurate storage lifespan predictions, which in turn enable the operator to carry out timely maintenance, avoiding unsuspected failures and the accompanying costly downtime.

iCAP is the newest mainstay in Innodisk’s vision of hardware and software integration, and in our continuous pursuit of creating intelligent component solutions. It allows for an effortless connection to a vast number of devices – no matter the location, both on-premise and through the cloud. iCAP is designed to accommodate the current and future challenges of IoT and Industry 4.0, and is suited for automation, retail, transportation and surveillance applications.