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SSDL exhibiting at FSEMC Memphis, USA

SSDL to exhibit at the 2017 FSEMC Conference and Exhibition between September 18-21 in Memphis, Tennessee.

The FSEMC provides cost effective solutions to simulator operational and maintenance problems through the widely respected international Flight Simulator Engineering and Maintenance Conference and establishes technical standards that increase simulator readiness and reduce operational costs.

Attended by more than 300 flight simulator experts from around the world, the annual conference identifies technical solutions to engineering and maintenance issues resulting in immediate and long-term savings and increased efficiency for simulator users.

The FSEMC Meeting

The FSEMC, held annually every fall, provides simulator users an opportunity to openly and collectively discuss simulator engineering and maintenance questions. Prior to the meeting, simulator users submit discussion items using the following categories:

ATA Chapter 115 - Flight Simulator Systems

Electrical Power
Host Computer and Peripherals
Instructor Station
Support Infrastructure (Facilities)

ATA Chapter 116 - Flight Simulator Cueing Systems

Motion and Control Loading


Data and Simulation
Tools and Test Equipment
Standards/ Training
Product Support
*Other Training Devices

*Note: Examples include Computer Based Training, Maintenance Training Simulators, Cockpit Procedure Trainers, Desk Top Trainers, and Flight Nav Procedure Trainers.

Further conference and event details can be found here

SSDL will be showcasing its own legacy data storage drives supporting legacy aviation and simulator systems.

Our successful legacy “design in” applications have supported Through Life Support (TLS) obsolescence within the advance data storage in the aviation & simulator (SIMS) and Military storage product arena.

Examples of legacy aero equipment host system and drives include:

Miltope, Thompson CSF, Dutch Signaal, OMTI, Solaris SUN SPARC/CPU-8VT, Iomega Bernoulli, IBM AS400 and RS6000. Encore, Gould, 320 C2000 sim and Evans & Sutherland.