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Server Application

Innodisk's server-grade flash storage and DRAM memory meet all of today's cloud computing application requirements.

Manufacturer Innodisk

Today’s server market is not only concerned with capacity. As efficiency becomes more of a priority, Innodisk is proud to be among the elite designers and manufacturers of DRAM Memory and Flash Storage that offer more than just a place to store data.

Our 50 on-staff engineers design hardware and firmware unique for your application and attempt to be trendsetters in developing new technology every single day. We recently introduced our line of DDR4 Memory (see more here).

We provide Load Reduced DIMM (LRDIMM) with up to 32GB capacity for cloud, data center, and HPC designers that have challenging amounts of data. 

Our Registered DIMM (RDIMM) is tested for a minimum 24 hour period, ensuring high-quality performance for critical data center applications.

Our SATADOM Series has large capacities (up to 128GB) and fits in 1U Chassis. Consider ridding yourself of the power draining hard drive, and be among those engineers who design systems for the next generation. Plug the SATADOM directly into the SATA port on your board, no power cable required.

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