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Reading, UK– 1st December 2015. Solid State Disks Ltd, the computer storage systems design, development and integration specialist, has announced a new, Ethernet-based back-up and restore capability for its family of Compact Flash (CF) SCSI-Flash solid-state drives, providing further storage future-proofing for critical legacy computer applications that otherwise have plenty of life left in them.

The SCSI-Flash CF drive is targeted at a range of computer-based legacy applications where critical SCSI-based storage drives are becoming more and more difficult to repair or replace as they increasingly age and fail. As a direct, drop-in replacement, SCSI-Flash provides an up-to-date, high-reliability, solid-state and low-cost solution to the problem. SCSI-Flash targets a broad spectrum of industries and markets including telecommunications, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial process control, engineering and manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation, mil/aero, flight simulation and post-production applications.

Reading, UK – 20th November 2015.
Solid State Disks Ltd (SSDL) wins SCSI CF Solid State upgrade contract with major US Energy OEM to upgrade the RWZ01, RZ23, RZ26, RZ26B & RZ29 SCSI drives on their DEC VAXstation 4000-90A and uVAX systems. The CF Solid State Disk Drive has passed VAX 4000 test beds and live network testing.

The RWZ01, RZ23, RZ26, RZ26B & RZ29 disks – can be replaced with the CF Solid State Disk Drive.

Milpitas, Calif. October 5, 2015
SanDisk Corporation a global leader in flash storage solutions, today introduced SanDisk® Industrial, a suite of intelligent NAND flash solutions optimized to meet the robust storage demands of connected industrial applications. The new high-endurance SanDisk Industrial solutions offer outstanding performance and reliability, even in extreme temperature ranges, making them ideal for use in a variety of markets, including factory applications and industrial computing, utilities, medical equipment, surveillance camera systems, digital signage, robotics, point-of-sale solutions, large-scale printing, energy management and others.

An All-in-one High Performance and Reliable SSD for HDD Replacement

Solid State Disks Ltd a SanDisk UK OEM distributor, are  proud to announce availability of the Z400slatest cost effective OEM SSD from SanDisk - the Z400s.

The SanDisk Z400s SSD delivers the performance, capacities, and form factors ideal for replacing HDDs in embedded and mainstream computing platforms. It can outperform HDDs by a factor of 20, while providing 5x the reliability at 1/20th the power consumption.