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SanDisk® Industrial Removable Flash Drives

Providing Trusted Reliability and Endurance.

Manufacturer: SanDisk

Reliable Edge Storage in a Connected World

The convergence of ubiquitous connectivity and compute capability is driving an exponential growth in connected devices and connected sensors, generating incredible volumes of data and enabling vast new types of transformative applications and business models.

In addition to capturing this data locally as primary or back-up storage, edge storage devices such as SanDisk Industrial Cards will maximize network efficiency and enable systems to analyse the data and act on the results in real-time.

Leveraging more than 25 years of expertise in NAND flash memory and storage systems, SanDisk Industrial Grade microSD delivers edge storage solutions for industrial applications requiring high reliability, durability, and high intensity recording, across a wide range of operational requirements.

Designed and tested to withstand the most demanding conditions, and featuring an advanced memory management FW which includes power immunity, ECC, and wear leveling, data intensive applications can rely on SanDisk Industrial products to capture every critical moment, log each event, and to ensure quality of service to end-users.

These high endurance solutions offer extended product life cycles which can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) per system by eliminating costly redesigns and requalification’s, and minimizing unnecessary maintenance calls.

Product Highlights

  • Operating Temp Range: -40°C to 85°C
  • High endurance: Up to 128 Terabytes Written
  • Broad portfolio: 8GB to 64GB
  • Extended product lifecycle
  • Advanced memory management FW features including power immunity, ECC, wear leveling
  • Durable design: waterproof, shock and vibration proof, X-ray proof, magnet proof, impact proof
  • Operating voltage: 2.7V to 3.6V

Business Benefits

  • Delivers lower system TCO
  • Enables real-time analytics at the edge
  • Reduces network traffic
  • Provides reliable local backup
  • Ensures high availability of system

Serving Industrial Applications

  • Surveillance
  • Transportation
  • Industrial PC
  • Factory Automation
  • Networking
  • Medical

Part Numbers

Ordering Information (for all regions)

microSD Industrial SKU Temperature Capacity
SDSDQAF-064G-I -25C to 85C 64GB
SDSDQAF-032G-I -25C to 85C 32GB
SDSDQAF-016G-I -25C to 85C 16GB
SDSDQAF-018G-I -25C to 85C 8GB

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