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Industrial microSD Card 3.0 3ME Series


  • S.M.A.R.T / iSMART disk health monitoring tool
  • Intelligent error recovery system
  • Excellent data transfer speed
  • Static and global wear-leveling algorithm
  • Enhanced power cycling
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Manufacturer: Innodisk


The Innodisk Industrial microSD card is a tiny, SLC-based storage solution designed for ruggedized embedded applications. This industrial-grade device delivers data transfer reliably and provides excellent long-lasting performance. It is also compatible with SD 1.1 and SD 2.0 standards and supports SDHC Class 10 and SPI modes. Innodisk’s Industrial microSD card card consumes little power and is available in capacities ranging from 1GB to 8GB.


The Innodisk IIndustrial microSD Card provides manufacturers with confidence and ease of mind when it comes to performance management.

  • Detects and correct errors automatically during data transfer with built-in ECC function within the card
  • Supports standby and sleep mode, effectively reducing power consumption in advance for applications with a limited power source
  • Ensures an optimal working condition, including detecting and reporting various indicators, such as erase count, bad block count, ECC reliability, and lifespan, which are monitored through the S.M.A.R.T function


Model Name Industrial microSD Card
Interface SD 1.01/2.00
Type Standard
Flash Type SLC
Capacity 1GB~8GB
Max. Channels 1
Sequential R/W (MB/sec, max.) 20/16
Max. Power Consumption 0.17W (3.3V x 50mA)
H/W Write Protect N
S.M.A.R.T. Y
Dimension (WxLxH/mm) 11.0 x 15.0 x 1.0
Vibration 5G@7~2000Hz
Shock 50G@0.5ms
MTBF >3 million hours
Storage Temperature -55°C ~ +95°C
Operation Temperature Standard Grade: 0°C ~ +70°C;
Industrial Grade: -40°C ~ +85°C

Part Numbers

Micro SD Card (Industrial, Standard Grade, 0℃ ~ +70℃)
DS2M-01GI81AC1SB - 01GB Industrial Micro SD Card
DS2M-02GI81AC2ST - 02GB Industrial Micro SD Card
DS2M-04GI81AC2ST - 04GB Industrial Micro SD Card
DS2M-08GI81AC2ST - 08GB Industrial Micro SD Card

Micro SD Card(Industrial, W&T Grade, -40 ~ 85℃)
DS2M-01GI81AW1SB - 01GB Industrial Micro SD Card
DS2M-02GI81AW2ST - 02GB Industrial Micro SD Card
DS2M-04GI81AW2ST - 04GB Industrial Micro SD Card
DS2M-08GI81AW2ST - 08GB Industrial Micro SD Card

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