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iCF 4000

iCF 4000 (SLC)


  • iSMART disk health monitoring
  • Intelligent error recovery system
  • Excellent data transfer speed
  • Mechanical design for anti-vibration
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Manufacturer: Innodisk


The Innodisk Industrial CompactFlash® 4000 Memory Card (iCF 4000) products provide high capacity solid-state flash memory that electrically complies with the True IDE Mode that is electrically compatible with an IDE disk drive. The original CF form factor card can be used in any system that has a CF slot.

Designed to replace traditional rotating disk drives, Innodisk Industrial CompactFlash® 4000 Memory Cards are embedded solid-state data storage systems for mobile computing and the industrial work place. The Industrial CompactFlash® features an extremely lightweight, reliable, low-profile form factor. Industrial CompactFlash® 4000 (iCF 4000) support advanced PIO (0-6), Multiword DMA (0-2), Ultra DMA (0-4) transfer mode, multi-sector transfers, and LBA addressing.


The Innodisk iCF 4000 allows manufacturers to replace traditional rotating disk drive with confidence.

  • High-mobility, and easy plug-in and plug-out
  • Supports advanced PIO (0-4), Multiword DMA (0-2), Ultra DMA (0-4) transfer modes, multi-sector transfers, and LBA addressing
  • Compatible with CF Specifications version 3.0, PC Card standard, IDE standard interface, and ATA standard


Model Name iCF 4000
Interface PATA
Type Standard
Flash Type SLC
Connector 50pin CF connector
Capacity 128MB~8GB
Max. Channels 2
Sequential R/W (MB/sec, max.) 40/20
Max. Power Consumption 0.75W(5V x 125mA)
H/W Write Protect Optional
ATA Security Y
S.M.A.R.T. Y
Dimension (WxLxH/mm) 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.3
Vibration 20G@7~2000Hz
Shock 1500G@0.5ms
MTBF >3 million hours
Storage Temperature -55°C ~ +95°C
Operation Temperature Standard Grade: 0°C ~ +70°C;
Industrial Grade: -40°C ~ +85°C

Part Numbers

iCF4000 Industrial CF Card with Toshiba (Industrial, W&T Grade, -40 ~ 85℃)
DC1M-01GD31W1DB - 01GB iCF4000
DC1M-01GD31W1SB - 01GB iCF4000
DC1M-02GD31W1DB - 02GB iCF4000
DC1M-02GD31W1SB - 02GB iCF4000
DC1M-04GD31W1DB - 04GB iCF4000
DC1M-08GD31W1DB - 08GB iCF4000
DC1M-128D31W1SB - 128MB iCF4000
DC1M-256D31W1SB - 256MB iCF4000
DC1M-512D31W1SB - 512MB iCF4000

iCF4000 Industrial CF Card with Toshiba (Toshiba, Industrial, Standard Grade, 0℃ ~ +70℃)
DC1M-01GD31C1DB - 01GB iCF4000
DC1M-01GD31C1SB - 01GB iCF4000
DC1M-02GD31C1DB - 02GB iCF4000
DC1M-02GD31C1SB - 02GB iCF4000
DC1M-04GD31C1DB - 04GB iCF4000
DC1M-08GD31C1DB - 08GB iCF4000
DC1M-128D31C1SB - 128MB iCF4000
DC1M-256D31C1SB - 256MB iCF4000
DC1M-512D31C1SB - 512MB iCF4000

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