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TLZ10, TZ86 & TZ87, TLZ06, TLZ09, TLZ07, TK70,TK50, TZ89, TZK9, TZK10, TZK11, TLZ88, DDS DAT Solid State DriveImage shows SCSIFlash Tape drive replacing TLZ, TZ, TK DEC drive installed in customers supplied DEC Storage Works caddy. SSD technical support can assist in supply of Storage Works caddy & swap out services if required.

Solid State SCSI Flash (CF) TLZ10, TZ86 & TZ87 replacement drive

The CF (Compact Flash) based SCSIFLASH-Tape drive provides a solid state, drop-in replacement for DEC TLZ10, TZ86 & TZ87 SCSI tape drives. No additional software or register changes are required to the legacy host.

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SCSIFlash-Tape Datasheet

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Press Release

FLASH2GUI - Optional ethernet support for centralised backup & restore capability available removing the need to rotate media. Primary data storage is always written to the CF card. No software change to the host required.

More details on FLASH2GUI backup & restore software click here

Solid State Disks Ltd, design and manufacture the Solid State SCSI SCSIFlash™ drive

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