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Solid State SCSI Tape Drive Replacement

Solid State SCSIFlash Tape Replacement

The CF (Compact Flash) based SCSIFLASH-Tape drive provides a solid state, drop-in replacement for DAT, DLT and DDS SCSI tape drives. - Ethernet / Network variant available.

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SCSIFlash-Tape Datasheet

FLASH2GUI - Optional ethernet support for centralised backup & restore capability available removing the need to rotate media. Primary data storage is always written to the CF card. No software change to the host required.

More details on FLASH2GUI backup & restore software click here

Solid State Disks Ltd, design and manufacture the Solid State SCSI SCSIFlash™ drive

Manufacturer Solid State Disk Ltd

The Solid State’ SCSIFlash-Tape Emulator replaces legacy SCSI tape drives, using removable Compact Flash to replace the reel-to-reel tape or cartridge tape media.

No additional software or register changes are required to the legacy host. The Network back-up and restore capability enables vital data back-ups to be made as a complete image of its CompactFlash card to be transferred via an Ethernet network. Files can be stored remotely from the legacy equipment allowing easy restore as and when required.

Universal TCP is used for disk image transfers with remote execution of back-up and restore configuration operations controlled by the FLASH2GUI API.

The SCSIFlash-Tape drive is a programmable hardware (emulator) that uses fixed BOM industrial Compact Flash card technology to provide a solid state, drop-in replacement for obsolete electromechanical tape drives using the SCSI interface. The SCSIFlash-Tape will replace the popular DDS DAT, DLT and Pertec tape drives on a variety of ageing host systems.

The SCSIFlash-Tape product allows OEMs and service providers to have a quick, cost efficient solution to support their legacy system. The product’s configurable firmware allows a perfect host match, eliminating the need for any host hardware or software changes.



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