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CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH Bit Micro Disk Drive Emulator to CF

CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH M-Systems Disk Drive Emulator to CF

Replaces legacy 50 pin M-Systems Fast Flash Disk FFD35 / FFD-350. The CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH Emulator allows the CF Cards up to 64GB (SLC) and 256GB (MLC) to attach to the SCSI bus. It is seen as an M-Systems Fast Flash Disk (FFD) drive by the host.

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CF2SCSI Datasheet

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 Press Release

FLASH2GUI - Optional ethernet support for centralised backup & restore capability available removing the need to rotate media. Primary data storage is always written to the CF card. No software change to the host required.

More details on FLASH2GUI backup & restore software click here

Solid State Disks Ltd, design and manufacture the Solid State SCSI SCSIFlash™ drive

Manufacturer: Solid State Disk Ltd


  • Small format PCB converts Compact Flash Media to appear as an M-Systems Fast Flash Disk FFD35 / FFD-350 SCSI device on a Host’s SCSI bus
  • No Software updates required to legacy host
  • 3.5” form factor PCB which will replace any 3.5” disk drive or larger drives with adaptor
  • Will fit in a 3.5” disk slot using the same mountings
  • SCSI Host will typically see the device as an Adtron S35P or S35FB disk drive.
  • Board is low power, using 5V only, and has an optional add-on display and push button user interface
  • Microcode is field upgradable via integral serial port
  • NETWORK enabled through onboard RJ45 Network port.
  • Network backup/ restore through proprietary FLASH2GUI.

Further SCSIFLASH Network product details here

Please click the link below to see the Solid State Disks FLASH2GUI Youtube channel. This offers a demonstration of how the proprietary FLASH2GUI software used alongside the Network SCSIFlash drive can offer a a bit for bit image copy of the data allowing backup & restore network capability, alternative drive select options, and also capacity and blocks select features. 

The embedded Flash2GUI Image Editor allows image files (.img) to be sent from the SCSIFlash drive to a local onsite PC or server. Allowing the unpacking, editing, and repacking of the imaged file. This file can then be resent to the SCSIFlash drive as new data file.

Solid State Disks FLASH2GUI Youtube Channel here


Board size: 3.5” Form factor – 3.75”x5.5”.

Note the SCSIFlash drive is supplied with a 50/68 Pin adaptor to replace the 68 pin XceedSCSI S35FB range.

Compact Flash: Standard 3M header for Type 1 & 2 cards.

CF Capacities Supported: ~ up to 256GB (MLC) for removable drive and non mission critical applications and up to 64GB (SLC) for fixed disk heavy read/write mission critical applications.

Power: 5 Volts only @ 0.8 Watt (Typical) + CF requirement.

Power connector: Standard Disk drive type SCSI-1 and 2 Compatible. 50 pin DIL 0.1” Connector.

SCSI transfer rate: 10Mbytes/second.

RS232 or USB Serial Port for customisation of microcode load and real time diagnostics.

CF2SCSI & SCSIFlash™ are recognised Trademark of Solid State Disks Ltd.

Example Emulation Options


50 PIN
FFD35US-512-P50 FFD35US-18432-X-P50 FFD-350-1536-N
FFD35US-512-N-P50 FFD35US-20480-P50 FFD-350-1536-X
FFD35US-512-X-P50 FFD35US-20480-N-P50 FFD-350-1792
FFD35US-1024-P50 FFD35US-20480-X-P50 FFD-350-1792-N
FFD35US-1024-N-P50 FFD35US-22528-P50 FFD-350-1792-X
FFD35US-1024-X-P50 FFD35US-22528-N-P50 FFD-350-2048
FFD35US-1536-P50 FFD35US-22528-X-P50 FFD-350-2048-N
FFD35US-1536-N-P50 FFD35US-24576-P50 FFD-350-2048-X
FFD35US-1536-X-P50 FFD35US-24576-N-P50 FFD-350-2304
FFD35US-2048-P50 FFD35US-24576-X-P50 FFD-350-2304-N
FFD35US-2048-N-P50 FFD35US-26624-P50 FFD-350-2304-X
FFD35US-2048-X-P50 FFD35US-26624-N-P50 FFD-350-2560
FFD35US-3072-P50 FFD35US-26624-X-P50 FFD-350-2560-N
FFD35US-3072-N-P50 FFD35US-28672-P50 FFD-350-2560-X
FFD35US-3072-X-P50 FFD35US-28672-N-P50 FFD-350-2816
FFD35US-4096-P50 FFD35US-28672-X-P50 FFD-350-2816-N
FFD35US-4096-N-P50 FFD35US-30720-P50 FFD-350-2816-X
FFD35US-4096-X-P50 FFD35US-30720-N-P50 FFD-350-3072
FFD35US-5120-P50 FFD35US-30720-X-P50 FFD-350-3072-N
FFD35US-5120-N-P50 FFD35US-32768-P50 FFD-350-3072-X
FFD35US-5120-X-P50 FFD35US-32768-N-P50 FFD-350-3328
FFD35US-6144-P50 FFD35US-32768-X-P50 FFD-350-3328-N
FFD35US-6144-N-P50 FFD35US-34826-P50 FFD-350-3328-X
FFD35US-6144-X-P50 FFD35US-34826-N-P50 FFD-350-3584
FFD35US-7168-P50 FFD35US-34826-X-P50 FFD-350-3584-N
FFD35US-7168-N-P50 FFD-350-0128 FFD-350-3584-X
FFD35US-7168-X-P50 FFD-350-0128-N FFD-350-3840
FFD35US-8192-P50 FFD-350-0128-X FFD-350-3840-N

68 PIN

FD35US-00512-P68 FFD35US-20480-P68 FFD35-U3S-002-N-P68
FFD35US-00512-N-P68 FFD35US-20480-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-004-N-P68
FFD35US-00512-X-P68 FFD35US-20480-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-008-N-P68
FFD35US-01024-P68 FFD35US-22528-P68 FFD35-U3S-012-N-P68
FFD35US-01024-N-P68 FFD35US-22528-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-016-N-P68
FFD35US-01024-X-P68 FFD35US-22528-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-020-N-P68
FFD35US-01536-P68 FFD35US-24576-P68 FFD35-U3S-024-N-P68
FFD35US-01536-N-P68 FFD35US-24576-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-032-N-P68
FFD35US-01536-X-P68 FFD35US-24576-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-040-N-P68
FFD35US-02048-P68 FFD35US-26624-P68 FFD35-U3S-048-N-P68
FFD35US-02048-N-P68 FFD35US-26624-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-056-N-P68
FFD35US-02048-X-P68 FFD35US-26624-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-064-N-P68
FFD35US-02560-P68 FFD35US-28672-P68 FFD35-U3S-072-N-P68
FFD35US-02560-N-P68 FFD35US-28672-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-080-N-P68
FFD35US-02560-X-P68 FFD35US-28672-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-096-N-P68
FFD35US-03072-P68 FFD35US-30720-P68 FFD35-U3S-104-N-P68
FFD35US-03072-N-P68 FFD35US-30720-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-112-N-P68
FFD35US-03072-X-P68 FFD35US-30720-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-120-N-P68
FFD35US-04096-P68 FFD35US-32768-P68 FFD35-U3S-128-N-P68
FFD35US-04096-N-P68 FFD35US-32768-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-136-N-P68
FFD35US-04096-X-P68 FFD35US-32768-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-144-N-P68
FFD35US-05120-P68 FFD35US-34826-P68 FFD35-U3S-152-N-P68
FFD35US-05120-N-P68 FFD35US-34826-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-160-N-P68
FFD35US-05120-X-P68 FFD35US-34826-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-168-N-P68
FFD35US-06144-P68 FFD35-U3S-001-P68 FFD35-U3S-176-N-P68
FFD35US-06144-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-002-P68 FFD35-U3S-001-X-P68
FFD35US-06144-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-004-P68 FFD35-U3S-002-X-P68
FFD35US-07168-P68 FFD35-U3S-008-P68 FFD35-U3S-004-X-P68
FFD35US-07168-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-012-P68 FFD35-U3S-008-X-P68
FFD35US-07168-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-016-P68 FFD35-U3S-012-X-P68
FFD35US-08192-P68 FFD35-U3S-020-P68 FFD35-U3S-016-X-P68
FFD35US-08192-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-024-P68 FFD35-U3S-020-X-P68
FFD35US-08192-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-032-P68 FFD35-U3S-024-X-P68
FFD35US-09216-P68 FFD35-U3S-040-P68 FFD35-U3S-032-X-P68
FFD35US-09216-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-048-P68 FFD35-U3S-040-X-P68
FFD35US-09216-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-056-P68 FFD35-U3S-048-X-P68
FFD35US-10240-P68 FFD35-U3S-064-P68 FFD35-U3S-056-X-P68
FFD35US-10240-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-072-P68 FFD35-U3S-064-X-P68
FFD35US-10240-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-080-P68 FFD35-U3S-072-X-P68
FFD35US-12288-P68 FFD35-U3S-096-P68 FFD35-U3S-080-X-P68
FFD35US-12288-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-104-P68 FFD35-U3S-096-X-P68
FFD35US-12288-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-112-P68 FFD35-U3S-104-X-P68
FFD35US-14336-P68 FFD35-U3S-120-P68 FFD35-U3S-112-X-P68
FFD35US-14336-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-128-P68 FFD35-U3S-120-X-P68
FFD35US-14336-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-136-P68 FFD35-U3S-128-X-P68
FFD35US-16384-P68 FFD35-U3S-144-P68 FFD35-U3S-136-X-P68
FFD35US-16384-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-152-P68 FFD35-U3S-144-X-P68
FFD35US-16384-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-160-P68 FFD35-U3S-152-X-P68
FFD35US-18432-P68 FFD35-U3S-168-P68 FFD35-U3S-160-X-P68
FFD35US-18432-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-176-P68 FFD35-U3S-168-X-P68
FFD35US-18432-X-P68 FFD35-U3S-001-N-P68 FFD35-U3S-176-X-P68

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