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CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH Bit Micro Disk Drive Emulator to CF

CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH Adtron Disk Drive Emulator to CF

Replaces legacy 50 pin S35P-C01N/ SP35P-C03N and 68 pin S35FB Adtron storage disk drives. The CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH Emulator allows the CF Cards up to 64GB (SLC) and 256GB (MLC) to attach to the SCSI bus. It is seen as an Adtron XceedSCSI drive by the host.

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CF2SCSI Datasheet

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 Press Release

FLASH2GUI - Optional ethernet support for centralised backup & restore capability available removing the need to rotate media. Primary data storage is always written to the CF card. No software change to the host required.

More details on FLASH2GUI backup & restore software click here

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