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The CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH iSMART 5.0.0 is designed to simplify the SMART information and provide and easy to read interface of the cards.

The iSMART tool monitors the health and lifespan of the CF as well as providing details on usage patterns and setting up alert settings before total failure.

With iSMART our customers are able to are fully monitor the behavior and lifespan during development, integration, and mass production.

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The Dashboard’s home tab aims to provide a summary or quick snapshot of each installed disks in the system. This page offers accurate data information regarding Temperature, Health, Capacity, Lifespan, iAnalyzer, and Notifications. 

Device Information

The Device Information page provides additional functions, such as Power Status, Partitions, and detailed information of the device such as Serial Number, Firmware Vision, Interface, and Features. To learn more about SMART information, go to SMART values and refer to the SMART tab.


SMART Attribute

The Alert tab helps the user set trigger points with Temperature, Health percentage, Remaining Capacity or Life Remaining. If these trigger points exceed their boundaries, the iSMART utility can send a warning and email to the user notifying them that something may fail.



When activated, the iAnalyzer tab displays the read/write behaviors of the SSD in real time. This allows the user to understand their application usage of the SSD. Sequential and Random I/Os are easily broken down into percentages making them easy to read.

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