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Floppy Disk Drive Replacement System

The FES-1 is a direct form, fit and function Solid State replacement for dual 8" floppy drives and dual 5.25" floppy drives used on Gould/SEL and Encore computer systems.

These drives were used on many computer models as boot and diagnostic load devices. The FES-1 replaces the older floppy drives integrating the solid state Arraid Flash Drive “AFD” with industrial grade (SLC) CF media for improved reliability and maintainability.

The FES-1 directly replaces LP/FD interface floppy drives integrating our solid state ARRAID FLOPPYFlash Drive “AFDD”

The AFFD is also available able to support and directly replace other legacy floppy drives 'plug and play'.

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Manufacturer: Arraid, LLC

The AFFD replaces legacy floppy disk drives, using removable Compact Flash. No additional software or register changes are required to the legacy host. Network backup and restore capability supported through on board RJ45 ethernet port.

The AFFD is available with SLIM-26, FLAT-34, 5.25” & 8 Shugart edge connector interfaces with full height and half height frames.

The drive will replace both soft and hard sectored and may be set to operate at various data rates with the matching data encoding schemes, FM, MFM, or MMFM. Similarly, the emulated track configuration is programmable.

The AFFD is designed as a drop in replacement to the industrial/ OEM & maintenance provider space.

The AFFD is not suitable for home/hobbyist usage.

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Features and Benefits

  • SLC solid state CompactFlash media offers dynamic wear levelling highest quality and reliability
  • High write endurance (BIT error rate 109, Cell write Endurance 100k, Data retention 10+ years)
  • Low disturb errors (Error detection & bad block management)
  • High speed
  • Easy to install. No hardware or software changes required, other than the drive itself.
  • Fully compatible with existing operation.
  • Use the "New Copy" utility to copy from existing 8" media to new.
  • High reliability with near zero maintenance required.
    • Greater computer system availability with lower cost of ownership.
  • Automatic "Standby" feature which spins drives down during inactivity.
    • Reduced head and media wear and significantly improves reliability. 

Standard Models, Enclosures and Options

The FES-1 is available in three models. All models include the enclosure, emulation and control electronics, a power supply, internal cabling and the required solid state Arraid FloppyFlash floppy drives – the “AFFD”.

The options for this product;

  • FES-1/33 - Two 3.5" solid state Arraid FloppyFlash floppy drives – the “AFFD”
  • FES-1/35 - One 3.5" solid state Arraid FloppyFlash floppy drive and one 5.25" solid state Arraid FloppyFlash floppy drives – the “AFFD”
  • FES-1/55 - Two 5.25" Arraid FloppyFlash floppy drives.

The enclosure is a 2U high cabinet that can either be used on the desk top or mounted in a standard 19" rack.

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