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OCZ Enterprise

OCZ flash-based storage and software solutions offer increased performance and responsiveness for a wide range of usage models and workloads, from virtualization to portable medical devices to large-scale data centers. Our broad portfolio of SSD solutions includes several interfaces and a rich enterprise feature-set that enables unprecedented flexibility and efficiency for high throughput systems. Each solution is designed and built with the highest level of quality and reliability that enterprises and OEMs can count on for business-critical applications.

OCZ strives to eliminate the storage inefficiencies that can hold back a business and result in costly overhead expenses. A single Z-Drive PCIe solid state drive can deliver the performance of thousands of latency-ridden hard drives. Furthermore, OCZ solutions' level of concentrated performance can lower costs associated with hardware failure, operating footprint, and energy consumption. Determined to help businesses realize the exponential value of flash-based storage, OCZ can help create a deployment strategy to address your unique challenges head-on and provide rapid ROI.

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