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SCSI Interface Tape Drive Emulation with Ethernet Connectivity

The TES-6IP is an extension of the TES-6, stand-alone, reel-to-reel tape drive replacement. The TES-6IP adds ethernet connectivity for remote access to tape files via LAN or WAN. If you haven't already, please review the information on the TES-6.

The TES-6IP-AFD is a direct replacement for a tape drive using a standard SCSI interface. The TES-6IP is connected to the host computer or electronic system using the same cables, controller and software. In your application, the TES-6IP-AFD will look to the host computer just like the original tape drive.

Files are stored on a the solid state (network enabled) ARRAID Flash Drive (AFD), the industrial grade CompactFlash (CF) media takes the place of tape reels. When the computer system and drive are remote, and LAN/WAN access eliminates the need to move physical media, then the fixed ARRAID Flash Drive (AFD) may be used as the primary storage device. Where the movement or storage of media with recorded information is still required, then the ARRAID Flash Drive device can be set as either a removable hard drive module or a removable media cartridge disk drive.

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